Thursday, March 6, 2014

Vipassana and Centering Prayer: A meditation and dialogue retreat, April 26, 2014

Vipassana and Centering Prayer:
A Meditation and Dialogue Retreat
with Kimberly Beyer-Nelson and Melissa Page  for registration!

Join Melissa Page and Kim Beyer-Nelson for a day-long retreat that will bring two great meditation traditions face to face.

Together we’ll explore the philosophy and practice of Vipassana (from the Theravadin Buddhist tradition) and Centering Prayer (from the Christian tradition.)

Expect time for silent meditation, walking meditation, question and answer periods and finally, a conversation with Kim and Melissa about the face of new monasticism and the place of meditation in that emerging paradigm.

With over 40 years of meditation experience between the presenters, expect a time filled with both safety and the spirit of engagement. No previous meditation experience necessary.

Please bring a cushion (chairs will also be available) and a sack lunch. Hot drinks will be served at the Cottage. Microwave and refrigerator available for use as well.

Date: Saturday, April 26
Time: 9:00 am to 3:00 pm
Location: Indianola, WA 98370

Cost: Free Will Donation

Kimberly Beyer-Nelson

Kimberly holds a master’s degree in comparative religion and loves teaching yoga, qigong and adult education classes when she is not writing, crafting fiber art or running after the sheep in her backyard. “My grandfather once said he was a jack of all trades and master of none. I think I have managed to live into that same sentiment my whole life, and I can’t say it has ever disappointed me.”

Kim has authored three non-fiction titles and six science fiction works and her poetry has appeared in both national anthologies and national magazines. She has practiced centering prayer for over 20 years and worked with Contemplative Outreach while attending the Iliff School of Theology in Denver, CO.

Visit her website at or her blog at

Melissa Page

As a young child, Melissa Page experienced her world as paradise. However, as she grew older, she began to distinguish more and more weeds among the flowers.

By the age of 15, she understood that a blight called alcoholism had transformed her world into a living hell, and she teetered on the edge of insanity or suicide.

Only an unexplained insight revealed a third option: to place her trust in a power she could not name and seek the love and wonder she knew was possible.

For many years, her faith in nature and true friends sustained and healed her. It wasn’t until her 40s that she discovered the teachings of the Buddha and added a third foundation to her life.

Now she possesses the Triple Gem — Dharma, nature and reality; Sangha, a community of true friends; and Buddha, an enlightened being whose example can inspire and instruct –- and once again her world glows with love and wonder. Melissa’s ongoing aspiration is to share these gifts with others.

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