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Gospel of Thomas: Yeshua's Vedanta, Logion 15

Logion 15

Yeshua says,
When the time comes
and you are able to look upon the
Unborn One,
fall prostrate in worship,
for you have found your own true Father,
(your Source and Origin) at last.

                                 Translation:  Lynn Bauman in 
The Gospel of Thomas: Wisdom of the Twin

The First Response:
Abba have I called you,
those times when I needed a compass
a listening ear.
It wasn’t wrong, to name you thus,
to cry “daddy” to the universe
and feel the sense of being
carried, held, and heard.
But sometimes
Abba teases apart in the wild wind
dancing the fir trees,
gets lost in the script
of the stars,
flung out thin and broad.
The secret beyond the name?
This silent lump in my heart and throat

KBN 2014

Journey through Logos:
When the search begins to give us glints and glimpses of the enormity of the Mystery we are pursuing, our words leave us and then, our bodies drop into the deepest attitude of prayer in awe.  I do mean the word awe here—wonder mixed with a healthy dose of fear as our egos face up and out and understand their ephemeral natures.
The emotional reaction as we face our own vast beginning place is normal and good.  We feel the deep relationship with Reality, the truest parent of all parents, the conflation of beginning and ending points that guide us toward some more than merely conceptual unity.  This kind of experience is also a lovely carrot, telling us to keep going, to keep looking because we have begun to find. 

Hokmah’s Symphonic Note:

All that is real in me is God; all that is real in God is I. The gulf between God and human beings is thus bridged. Thus we find how, by knowing God, we find the kingdom of heaven within us.
--Swami Vivekananda

Be not afraid, be not bewildered, on seeing this terrific form of Mine.  Free from fear and glad at heart, recall again my other form.  (Krishna addresses his friend and student Arjuna after showing him the full extent of divine manifestation.  Arjuna, a mighty warrior is dropped to his knees in awe.)

--Bhagavad Gita, 11:48

Practicing Unity:

Come to your knees if you are able, then fold down over them (child’s pose) or lay outspread on the floor, face down, arms out to the side in the shape of the cross.  Notice how you feel—there may be many textures to the postures of surrender.  Feel the vast Infinite around you and also holding you.  Later, share with your journal what you discovered about yourself and God.

Hokmah’s Gnosis:

To Search means finding the bravery to look into the vast Reality that is the womb from which we've truly sprung.

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