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Gospel of Thomas: Yeshua's Vedanta, Logion 5

Logion 5

Yeshua says,
Come to know the One
in the presence before you,
and everything hidden from you
will be revealed.
For there is nothing concealed
that will not be revealed,
and nothing buried
that will not be raised.

The First Response:

It’s there in a glance!
Eye to eye,
when black pupil meets black pupil
we see into the living void,
the holy breath still moving over the deep.
Before the words come,
all the worlds are there,
and the suns as well,
wisdom and Mystery
calling out through
intimate relationship.

KBN 2013

Journey through Logos
Again, Yeshua beckons us to play with the paradox of the many and the one, two-ness of the “presence before you” and yet the basic unity that is there as well.  The alchemy of relationship with that what is outside you is drawn within to become part of you.  Later, he will use metaphors of “eating” to describe a similar movement of the spirit, as two "objects" of matter--the eater and the eaten-- become one being.

He also stresses that because everything is “in unity through presence” nothing can be hidden, buried, concealed.  Unity must, by its very nature, incorporate all the secrets, the dark and the light, the obvious and the shadowed.  One way to interpret the word Allah, for example, is “everything we know about God” and “everything we cannot know about God” in union. And in the union, the paradox is that all that is unknown, including the parts of ourselves that remain veiled even to us, become known. The Sufi say that all our parts much come to the table in the center of ourselves, and when they do so, we begin to understand the silent 100th name of Allah.

In a sense, for the seeker, this is good news indeed because the answer is already part of us.  It’s not “will we find?” but in fact, we cannot help but find if we are mindful and aware.  Our very relationship with the multiplicity of life will illuminate all of life in its wholeness.  Notice there is no struggle here, merely awareness that is a normal part of life.


Hokmah’s Symphonic Note:

“Let us adore the Lord, the luminous one, who is in fire, who is in water, who is in plants and trees, who pervades the whole universe” (Shvetashvatara Upanishad 2:17).

Practicing Unity:

On the in-breath, feel the skin that enfolds you.  On the out-breath, feel as if you are sharing what is within with everything beyond your skin.  Then, as you breath in again, feel all of that wonder and mystery enter into you, held within you.  Then rest in this place where the skin becomes thin and fine, in and out, hidden and apparent all resting together as one.

Hokmah’s Gnosis

We will be successful in our search.  Indeed, it is inevitable that we shall find because nothing is truly hidden.

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