Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Dreamcatcher Fallacy Cycle, Book II: Strands of Silk and Fire coming soon to Kindle and paperback

How far would you go to return humankind to its full creative potential after generations of flattening and homogenizing genetic tampering? 

For the followers of a martyred genetic engineer named James Illion, the answer is obvious—all the way to the very edge of the death of civilization itself.  Joshua 1011, the artificially created son of Illion, finds he is the carrier of a deadly and life-altering viral weapon.  As his lover, Matthew Dennon, and his sometimes-enemy Adam struggle to find a way to save Earth and themselves, an old intelligence stirs into action in the depths of a vast interstellar computer network.  It has worn many masks, evolving and changing over the course of centuries.  But its time to act has come because it, too, knows that the only way forward for all of life, both biological and man-made, will be a path both breathtaking and destructive, and that the cost may be the end of nearly everything that came before.

From sensitive m/m romance to high adventure, from a love-sick artificial life form to young men who begin to bridge nestled shamanic realities, Strands of Silk and Fire will lead you into a time where intuition must become the best defense, and imagination, the sharpest weapon of all.

Look for it soon on Kindle and in Paperback

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